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It's all about Photographs and Printing

If you have photos; prints, slides, negatives, Polaroids or any other kind of image that is not digital, you've found the right place.

• Scanning for archival purposes - we'll scan your originals, do a basic cleaning/tune-up and put them on a CD/DVD for you.
• Scan & Print - we'll scan your originals, do a basic cleaning/tune-up and print 6 x 4s on high quality gloss, semi-gloss or matte paper. (your choice)
• Scan, Restore & Print - we'll scan your (damaged) originals, do whatever it takes to fix the damage and print your new picture.

If you have a collection of digital photos and have never taken the time to print them we can do that for you too.

• You provide your high resolution images to us via your private upload account. (Sign up is required)
• We'll review your pictures, make recommendations regarding any pre-print adjustments you may want to consider.
• We'll provide you with your choices of how you'd like your pictures printed (ie. size and media type) and of course the number of copies
• We'll print and deliver your pictures to you. (Local delivery will be done by us. Out of town will be done by Canada Post)

If you're looking for a quality printing service for your documents... we have the technology! No, we aren't trying to compete with the Big Boys but we can certainly print almost anything from Business Cards to Banners.

Preserving Memories

At The Final Image we're passionate about the preservation of the memories recorded on film and prints. Working from your aged, faded, stained and damaged pictures we will bring your photos back to near original condition. In most cases even better than original. Simply point at the pictures on this page to see what can be done.

Photo Restoration and Duplication
There are a number of reasons for restoring, preserving and duplicating your old photos...

• Regardless of the condition it's more than likely that you only have the ONE original print, slide or just the negative
• The natural aging process will continue to take its toll on the photo
• Yellowing, fading, cracks and rips may already exist
• The image has sentimental value.
• Photos represent everything from family history to cherished memories of places, things, friends and relatives - past and present
• The rest of your family would like to have copies

Horse and wagon pic

The services we provide at The Final Image are not restricted to fixing damaged photos. We can recompose an image and change an unflattering background, change the cropping to isolate the subject of a picture, add colour or even turn a photo into a painting.

Anniversary Couple

Point at these samples to get an idea of what is possible.

Recrop Add colour

Printing of your restored photos

All photos we process are printed on Photo Quality Epson Papers using our wide format Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer. Restoration packages include 1@8x10, 2@5x7 or 4@4x6 prints. Prices start at $35 per photo for scanning, image editing and printing. We prefer to do the scanning ourselves in order to have complete control over the final quality of the work.

Large Format Inkjet Printing
Up to 44" x whatever

• Photos on premium quality photo paper
• Posters, Banners, Indoor Signage
• Art Prints - Canvas and Watercolor (Giclée)
• CAD Drawings, Model Aircraft Plans etc.

High quality, reasonable prices!


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